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Beckham Research & Recovery LLC

Is there a time limit to claim any unclaimed funds or assets ?

Every claim is different, and asset holders are regulated by different rules.  Assets held by the State Abandoned Property Offices usually have either lengthy or no time limits, but those are not the assets we normally locate and recover.  Many assets we locate have small time windows in which you can file a claim, and some asset holders are allowed to keep your unclaimed asset after that time expires.  When we locate assets and contact potential claimants, we inform them of any relevant claims deadlines. Whether there is a deadline or not, the claims process can be lengthy, so we must advise that you return all paperwork as promptly as possible. 

Why weren't we notified by the parties who originally held the funds ?

There are many reasons why the party who originally held your funds may not have previously notified you.  Some common reasons are :

  • You may have changed your address
  • The holders may have an error in your address
  • The holder's records may be incomplete and disorganized
  • The holder may have no incentive to locate you and return the funds
  • The holder may have gone out of business or have been acquired by a new owner
  • You may have an unlisted number or otherwise be difficult to find
  • The holder may not have sufficient information to determine that you are a rightful heir or beneficiary to the funds they hold   

What are the benefits of using Beckham Research and Recovery LLC Services ?

Recovering unclaimed assets can often be complicated and frustrating, not to mention time consuming. Most of our clients lead busy lives, and have little, if any, time to devote to asset recovery.

Beckham Research and Recovery LLC can assist you in several ways while recovering assets that belong to you or your company:

  • Asset recovery is our specialty.  Our services allow you remain focused on your current duties and priorities
  • Beckham Research and Recovery LLC begins your recovery process immediately
  • In the recent past, holders of unclaimed property have become slower in releasing funds to the owners due to budget shortfalls.  Beckham Research and Recovery LLC works hard on your behalf to resolve difficult claims when holders delay in releasing funds.
  • Our years of experience helps us to file your claims properly the first time and avoid delays and problems with the claims process.
  • At Beckham Research and Recovery LLC our goal is to make your recovery experience as pleasant and simple as possible.  

What is required to get the process started ?

In most cases, just a couple of items:

  • A signed recovery Agreement
  • Your mailing address
  • if your company engages Beckham Research and Recovery LLC, we will require your official title and the title of a corporate officer who will verify your position and authority to sign on behalf of the company

Once we have this basic information, we will prepare an assortment of documents that will be sent to you for signature, along with a list of items that must also accompany your claim.

Beckham Research and Recovery LLC does not require a fee upfront to begin the recovery process.       

What Happens if our claim is denied ?

The denial of most claims can be corrected and overcome.  If your claim is denied, Beckham Research and Recovery LLC  will first evaluate the reason(s) for denial and determine what steps can be taken.  If we can take steps to resolve the denial without your assistance, we will do so.  If we cannot resolve the matter without your assistance, we will contact you for additional information and/or supporting documents.  If together we determine that sufficient documentation has been provided and the claim is still denied, we can discuss options to correct the problem.

On rare occasion, claims are denied for reasons that cannot be overcome.  For example, an Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number may not match the number remitted with the funds in question and the holder refuses to release the funds.  There are other reasons that a claim could be denied, however, we evaluate the claim in the beginning in an attempt to avoid such problems.

With our many years of experience, Beckham Research and Recovery LLC can help you avoid mistakes in  the recovery process.  Our Goal is to recover your assets with minimal effort or your part.

Beckham Research and Recovery LLC uses confidential information for one purpose only; to recover your assets.  The confidential information you provide us in order to work on your behalf will never be shared with anyone, except the holder of your funds requiring proof of identity and proof of authority to claim the assets in question.  Client information is never sold, rented, or leased to anyone for any purpose.  The protection of your confidential information is a serious matter to us. Confidential client information is used for the recovery of client funds only and will never be used for any other purpose.