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Frequently Asked Questions

Are You a Collection Agency?

No, we are not a collection agency.  In fact, you could say we are the opposite of a collection agency.  A call from us means we have found money or other assets that you are entitled to claim.  In other words, someone owes you money or assets.  Beckham Research and Recovery LLC specializes in locating unclaimed and lost assets. We contact the individuals and businesses with the right to claim those assets and assist them with the claims process.  A call or letter from us is great news!

What does "unclaimed or lost asset" mean ?

This phrase refers to anything you are unaware of that is owed to you or your family. There are several reasons you or your family could be owed money.  The assets could be the result of property, stocks or bonds, insurance policies, rentals, wages, tax refunds or other resources.  By the time we contact you, most assets have been liquidated to cash and are being held by a variety agencies or parties.  Each year, Beckham Research and Recovery LLC finds millions of dollars being held in individuals' names.  In most cases, the laws regarding these  unclaimed or lost assets do not require the parties holding the funds to make more than a simple attempt to locate the beneficiary.  Without our research and recovery services, its likely the money would go unclaimed.

How do you find me ?

We have a research team that goes to great lengths to make sure we find the rightful owners of unclaimed or lost assets.  We have a team of researchers who subscribe to several national and international databases to locate potential beneficiaries.  Our researchers peruse public records such as voter registration, telephone directories, driver's license records, birth and death certificates, change of address filings, marriage and divorce filings and military registeries as well as genealogical and historical records.  We even go as far as knocking on doors to locate the proper asset recipient.

Who has my lost assets ?

Any number of various entities could be holding your assets.  Beckham Research and Recovery LLC usually locates unclaimed or lost assets being held by entities other than State abandoned property offices so they cannot be located through an internet search.  Once you return the completed paperwork, an asset recovery specialist will be assigned to your claim and provide more specific information regarding your particular case. 

How do I get started ?

If we have already contacted you, the first step is to complete and return the contingency agreement.  This agreement spells out the terms and conditions in easy- to-understand terms and provides Beckham Research and Recovery LLC with the authority to act on your behalf while working the claim. After we receive all the required paperwork, an asset recovery specialist will contact you to begin the recovery process.

How long will this process take?

That will depend on the the complexity of your claim and the entity holding the assets.  The claims process may take take between two and eighteen months to complete from the time the claim is filed. Some cases may take several years to complete.  That is why it is essential to return the necessary paperwork as soon as possible to ensure the quickest results. After receiving all the necessary paperwork, your claim's professional will be able to provide a more accurate time line based on your particular claim.  We will do everything possible to expedite your claim. However, in many cases there are no laws mandating when asset holders must release the asset. The asset holder controls the recovery time on requested claims.  Please remember, we operate on a contingency-fee basis and require no payment until your assets are returned.  It is in your best interest to move as quickly as possible.